Mybizfund is a community-based donation network.
We are here to help businesses thrive (post-covid) via crowd-funding.
Once you register, you instantly get 20% of your capital back as bonus and you continue to earn bonuses when you bring others on board.
Also when you purchase or refer people to purchase on our business development shop, where we offer digital services such as web site designing, logo designing and so on, you earn sales bonuses.
As you build your network, you earn percentages and earn points which when accumulated gives you access to free business packages or its financial equivalent.
Registration starts at $200, other options are also available as shown on our website
By the time you cycle out, you would have earned 500% of your donation,
That is not all, you don’t necessarily have to enroll others to build your network, the system keeps working for you and you eventually complete your cycle – however if you can contribute to the growth of the community, why wouldn’t you?
Here is the best part: our system is automated and you are able to see your earnings on your dashboard per time, and you are free to cash out weekly

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